Big Data Road Map Eğitimi

Big Data Road Map Eğitimi Big Data Road Map Eğitimi
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Big Data and Business Case

  • What is Big Data? – Creating a definition
  • What will it solve? – Potential solutions for an organization (this will be specific for onsite courses)
  • Business Users and Big Data
    • Understanding Roles and Skiils – What does the business user bring to the table? Why should IT look to getting the business users own and drive the initiative?
    • Business User Ownership – What does this entail?
    • Challenges – Issues and Risks
  • Building the Business Case
    • Components of Big Data Business Case
    • How to build the Appropriate Business Case
  • Next Generation of Business Intelligence
    • Analytics and Metrics – What do we derive new?
    • Visualization Requirements – What are the changes and associated challenges?
    • Mashups – Understading multi-dimensional data management. Metadata is critical and why?

Semantics and Ontologies

  • Introduction to Semantic Frameworks – Future of Visualization and Analytics
  • Understanding Semantic integration for Big Data – Where and How? Business Benefits.
  • Using Ontologies for Metadata Management – Case Study
  • Managing Business Rules for Processing - Case Study

Big Data and the Data Warehouse

  • The New Landscape
  • What Can We Solve
  • How to Assess and Manage Data For Today and Future
  • Technology overview
    • Hadoop, NoSQL, Cassandra, Big Query, Drill, Redshift, AWS (S3, EC2)
    • Programming with MapReduce
    • Understanding analytical requirements

Self-Service Discovery Platforms

  • Challenges of Data Management and Processing
  • MDM, Metadata and More – Have we moved over this?


  • Data Management
  • Infrastructure Limitations

Next-generation data warehouse

  • Solution architectures
    • The three s’s: scalability, sustainability, and stability
  • People skills
  • Critical success factors

Big Data Road map

  • Building A Road map
  • Risks and Mitigations
  • Business Driven Objectives
  • Solving A Million Dollar Puzzle
  • Readying The Organization


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