Elasticsearch Fundamentals Eğitimi

Elasticsearch Fundamentals Eğitimi Elasticsearch Fundamentals Eğitimi
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Ön Koşul: Elasticsearch Engineer I Eğitimi tavsiye edilir

  • Basic flow of data in Elasticsearch
    What is Elasticsearch, strengths and weaknesses and typical use-cases.
  • How to install Elasticsearch and what are the main configuration files
  • Indexing a document: what is an index, type and ID
  • Field types in your mapping: text, keyword, numeric and geo
  • What is the difference between stored and indexed fields. What is _source?
  • How text analysis influences what matches and what doesn’t
  • Getting a document by ID. Why is it so expensive?
  • Anatomy of a search
  • Adding aggregations to a search
  • Doc values and why you need to store the same data a third time (in addition to indexed fields and _source)
  • How updates work and why you should avoid them if possible
  • Why deletes are soft and when data is really expunged
  • Lab
    • CRUD operations
    • Running a full-text search
    • Running aggregations on query results
    • Pagination

Working with an Elasticsearch cluster

  • What are primary and replica shards. How failover works
  • How searches are distributed to multiple shards (of one or multiple indices)
  • Configuring unicast to tell nodes how to join a cluster
  • Using Cat APIs to get the current state of the cluster
  • Lab
    • Creating indices with different numbers of shards
    • Checking the health of the overall cluster and specific indices
    • Adding new nodes to the cluster


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